Admissions FAQ’s


When is the admissions deadline for the academic year 2024/25? 

15th January 2024 


When do you find out which school your child has been placed in? 

16th April 2024 


How do you apply for a placement?  

You apply via the Manchester City Council Website in the September reception applications section (if you live in a different local authority area but want a place in Manchester, apply through your home local authority). 


What are the term dates? 

Keep an eye out on term dates later on in the school year. Term dates are yet to be released. 


What is the uniform policy? 

Uniform is compulsory at Crown Street Primary as it is practical and smart and identifies the pupils with the school. More information will be released later on in the school year. 


How many form entry is Crown Street Primary? 

Crown Street Primary School is a one-form entry school.