Welcome to the governance page of our website where you can find out about how our school is led and managed by clicking on the links below. For more information on governance and how to become a governor please visit the Laurus Trust webpage.



Laurus Trust Governance Structure

Scheme of Delegation
Academy Committee Membership

The Trustees have established Academy Committees to carry out some of its school level governance functions, although as Trustees are not required to sit on Academy Committees, decision making is limited. The Trustees confirm Chair/Vice Chair appointments, and ensure that up to three parents are elected to the Academy Committee. The Head of School also sits on their Academy Committee along with a staff governor.

An established Academy Committee will take responsibility for the governance of a new free school during its opening year so that a representative group of members can be recruited and onboarded prior to the school’s own Academy Committee being created. Delegated functions can be removed from ACs by the Trust Board.

Statutory Information

For further statutory information please visit the Laurus Trust site.