Thank you to all who attended our drop in event at Manchester Central Library. The location was perfect for hosting our event as reading is the bedrock of our curriculum and at the heart of everything we do.

We recognise that reading is the key that unlocks learning across the whole curriculum and academic success, but furthermore reading opens doors in terms of opportunity, enjoyment and lifelong success. We also recognise the importance of developing a genuine love of reading and of books for all – children and adults!

As a parent, sharing books with your child is essential. By reading to, or with your children, their love for reading and for books can begin. Even reading the same book again and again, and allowing your child the opportunity to join in, to point out their favourite characters or their favourite part of the story can help to encourage a positive relationship with books.

Below you can find some of Mrs Thompson’s recommended reads. September 2024 admission places for Reception close on Monday 15th January. For more information about applying visit our Admissions page. 

Mrs Thompson's recommended reads